Rinne Allen New York Times  'Chicest Sticks'  by Rinne Allen

Rinne Allen

New York Times  'Chicest Sticks'  by Rinne Allen

Katie Ridley Murphy is an American born artist, sculptor, and printmaker. Ridley's work is currently represented at GARDE Los Angeles and has exhibited at The London Design Fair,  Ten Thousand Things NYC,  Marcia Woods Gallery , acquired by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta Georgia, and featured in The New York Times, "Chicest Sticks" by Rinne Allen.

Her work is inspired by the decomposition of materials in nature and influenced by the transformation of texture within this process. Each piece represents a frozen moment in time, encapsulating the beauty of nature while creating a deeper state of awareness.

Katie Ridley Murphy's ceramics feature one-of-a-kind collections. Katie Ridley Murphy crafts each porcelain piece uniquely by hand from the conceptual stages to the to the finished product. The work romanticizes the organic organization of forms in nature and focuses on it's uncontrollable aesthetic. Each piece is created with meticulous attention to detail.